Papamoa orthodontist
Papamoa orthodontist


Pāpāmoa Orthodontist offers a range of orthodontic treatment options for people of all ages in Pāpāmoa, Mt Maunganui, Te Puke and Tauranga. Our fully accessible premises are conveniently located on Tara Road in Pāpāmoa with ample free parking.

Our treatment recommendations are based on the best science and technology available, including both fixed and removable appliances. Your comfort and concerns are a priority to us, as is achieving a great result as efficiently as possible.

For most people the best time to have orthodontic treatment is during early adolescence. By then most, if not all, of the permanent teeth will be present, and we can use the adolescent growth spurt to our advantage. Around age 8-10 years is a great time to come for an initial consultation and assessment though, so give us a call today!


Early treatment

While there are only a few instances in which early orthodontic treatment is indicated, we recommend having an assessment at 8-10 years.


Traditional braces are still the most common and effective option for straightening teeth and correcting bite issues.


Aligners, including Invisalign are very popular as they are much more discreet than braces.

Papamoa Orthodontist
Adult treatment

It’s never too late to come and have a chat about creating the smile you always wished for.


“My Mum is a really great Orthodontist!”

Max Farrar -Feb 2022


Book a consultation

The orthodontic treatment consultation includes a thorough clinical examination and a preliminary screening radiograph.


This appointment in Pāpāmoa includes further radiographs, photos, and a 3D scan of your teeth.

Treatment Plan

Once we have assessed your records we will provide you with a personalised orthodontic treatment plan and quote.

Start Treatment

When you are ready to begin your orthodontic journey, we can book an appointment here in Pāpāmoa to get started.


Pāpāmoa Orthodontist

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